We are passionate about connectivity and have developed a proprietary solution that covers entire cities with solar powered wifi. The infrastructure we deploy also hosts CCTV, data for automated sensors and switches (traffic lights, etc) VOD television broadcast.



Arc Power is engaged in grid power and local level solar power infrastructure to reinforce power supplies by either supplementing the national grid or creating off grid solutions for a myriad of applications;


  • Solar farms
  • Floating solar farms
  • Cooperative Metropolitan solar and renewable utilities



Solumi has identified a niche area in which the optimised delivery of solar street lighting in city, region and country wide roll out. With a high consciousness of the fossil fuel situation globally, Solumi engage with local and national governments worldwide in varying capacities from a consultative to and end to end project delivery partner.

  • Solar street lights
  • Solar metropolitan lighting solutions
  • Airport, Port and transport hub lighting solutions
  • Industrial lighting solutions (mines, industrial parks, offshore rigs, etc)
  • Architectural solar lighting


Television Networks

The telecoms infrastructure already owned and operated by Arc International Ltd creates the perfect opportunity for synergy with the simple addition of network enabled multichannel content delivery solution with VOD applications.


We also actively seek organisations to join our family of companies that add value in market growth, talent and developing technology to aid our mission to transform the power, telecoms and media distribution sectors. The group of companies is comprised of; Arc Power City Wifi Plexus wifi (Zambia) and Solumi.

Arc International Ltd's core mission is to provide internet connectivity infrastructure to the unconnected. We have a developed a solution to deliver wireless fibre and city wide, solar powered system that delivers superfast internet access to the disenfranchised people of the world.


We are a team of forward thinkers with a passion to change the world for the better, we come from all over the world unified with one mission, to leave our mark on lives all over the planet ensuring that as many people as possible have access to basic provisions; Power Communications (wifi and telephony) and Public Lighting.


The Team:


Culture is at the heart of what we do and we have built a unique, creative and inclusive culture with out of the box thinkers to solve business and life challenges.



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