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Welcome to Arc International Ltd, we are a global organisation driving innovation in telecoms, grid level utilities and infrastructure powered by renewables.


Our mission is to optimise and modernise infrastructure around the world with reliable, dependable technology and implementation processes that harness peak efficiency while providing real-time advantages in the sector. We optimise through consolidation and refinement  through 'out of the box' thinking.


We aim to underpin our technology with renewable energy with expert research and development solutions that significantly improve operations, profitability and scalability of services. Within the organisation are;

  • Arc Power, which harnesses solar energy to fortify power grids in developing nations.


  • Plexus Wifi which cover cities and countries with solar powered telecommunications solutions,


  • Solumi – a solar street lighting solutions organisation and content deliver/ media channel providers.

Arc Power is a grid level renewable energy solutions consultancy working with cutting edge technology to bring enhanced results from …

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Plexus wifi is a city wide, solar powered wifi network able to deliver high capacity internet to residents and businesses …

About Plexus Wifi

Solumi, part of the Arc International Ltd group of companies,  specialise in deployments of solar lighting solutions. We have a …

About Solumi

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