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We have just embarked on mission to connect remote holiday parks to our wireless fibre network, Plexus Wifi. Fast internet access has quietly become a necessity even on holiday as we engorge ourselves in HD and 4K video from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Some just like to stream their favourite radio stations, podcasts  or online playlists without suffering the dreaded ‘buffering gaps’, after all, we didn’t get all these fancy wifi enabled tech because we like the weight in our luggage.

Connectivity is as much a work tool as it is a relaxation means and a quick browse over at TripAdvisor a few years ago would see many holiday accommodations being berated for lack of decent wifi. Even now the standard is inconsistent and at times requires that we pay for a premium internet option to be able to enjoy a usable speed for a quick episode of our favourite Netflix series’

Plexus wifi is now contacting holiday parks who have outgrown their wifi and internet infrastructure and are stuck on what to do next, the staff just apologise on autopilot and the guest is left with no options – especially when 4G is non existent or just as slow as the decrepit old wifi network from the dark ages.

We install a camp wide wifi network that is robust, gigabit ready and, as an environmental perk, is completely solar powered. We convert fibre directly to wireless and then beam it to locations that traditional fibre hasn’t reached yet and may not reach for another uncertain amount of months or years.


Do you operate a Holiday Park in the UK that is in desperate need of high speed fibre?

We are currently doing free installation* (fibre and wireless fibre only), Just get in touch here   and we can talk you through how it works.